Interview with Nike from This is Jane Wayne

23 May 2017

Maiami Presents: Interview with Nike van Dinther from This is Jane Wayne

We are delighted to present to you Nike van Dinther also known as nikejane from “This is Jane Wayne”. Together with her co-founder Sarah Gottschalk she is running one of the most successful fashion blogs in Germany. On the blog you find all about fashion, beauty, feminism and everthing what is on their minds. Therefore we are even more happy to present to you our interview with Nike about herself, fashion and Maiami.

This is what we found out!

Nike, please describe yourself in three words.
Free. Curious. Me.

You are one of the founders of This is Jane Wayne and also Tiny Jane. Where is the journey going with blogwise?
The most important thing to me is to make an adventure out of this journey. I don’t know where it will take us, but I’m pretty sure we’ll end up together, no matter what. It’s about moving on everyday while staying focused on the original idea of feeding the brains and hearts of women who are interested in life and all its hidden treasures – might it be fashion, literature or the struggle of love.

You are mother of a son. What’s your trick for being a well organized working mom?
My secret is: I am not organized at all. Every day is a new day and a new chance to find the balance between being a mum, a friend, a lover and a working woman. Sometimes I’m more mum, sometimes I’m just working and sometimes I need time for myself. The key to happiness is to realize that you can’t be all of this all day everyday, but all in one person. When I’m writing, I’m a writer, but in the very moment I pick up my son from kindergarten, I’m a mum with all of my heart. There is a time for all of that, you just need to take it.

How does your morning routine look like?
I’m getting up at 7 in the morning, take a shower, get dressed and read the newspaper. At 8 my son says „good morning“ and we’re having breakfast together. At 9 we leave the house for work and kindergarten and always get a hot chocolate on our way.

We are amazed by your instagram feed and your style, which is very vintage. Where do you find your clothes?
Most of my favorite clothes I find in Vintage stores or on travels, but also in my mum’s closet. I just borrowed this crazy white linen oversized blazer from the 80s in which my mum got married to my father. When it comes to outfit decisions I am always driven by associations,  emotions, memories or pictures that are stuck in my head. And also by nostalgia. Sometimes I wake up and feel 16 again – then I’ll jump in my old band shirt and chucks and listen to Bikini Kill while working.

If you can play fashion police for one day: What would you forbid?
I have a problem with outfits that are missing passion or personality. A head to toe designer outfit doesn’t really impress me. As well as pastels all over. But I won’t ever play police as I am still just someone who tries to find what people call „personal style“ and fail a lot. But there’s one thing I really, really can’t bear: Kids that are used as accessoires next to luxury bags. What the hell.
Do you currently have a favorite piece in your closet?
I could live in Raffia Bags these days.

Maiami is a Slow Fashion brand. How important is sustainability in relation to fashion for you?
If you’re using your brain, sustainability has to be important in relation to fashion. But most of us sometimes forget their brains and so do I. It’s an ongoing process. I try not to buy tons of stuff I don’t need, only favorite pieces and a lot of vintage. But sometimes I faint and fall in love with what is crap when it comes to the ethical side of the coin. It’s getting less, but it’s still part of my shopping behaviour. It’s a matter of self discipline and that’s what I’m currently working on, to be honest.

You live in Germany’s capital Berlin. Do you have a favorite place?
I go to the lakes whenever there’s time. After work or during the weekend. My boyfriend and I just bought a canoe which my son also goes crazy for. There’s nothing like the quiet of nature.

Do you have a favorite inspiring quote?
Buy the ticket. Take the ride. – Hunter S. Thompson

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Fotocredit: Nike Jane