Interview with Mary L Jean

23 August 2017

Maiami Presents: Interview with Mary L Jean

Mary L Jean, Blogger and Fashion Lover from Switzerland. She loves to capture moments and share them with her community. Together with her boyfriend Philipp Jaeggi she runs the blog “lacesandplaces” which is all about traveling and fashion. While a stay in Berlin she took awesome pictures wearing some of our favourite Maiami styles. We had the chance to ask her some questions and are more than happy to present to you what we found out!

Please describe yourself in a few words.
Versatile, alterable

If you can play fashion police for one day: What would you forbid? 
Absolutely nothing! Everyone should wear what he or she likes. I admire everyone who adhere to their outfit and other opinions cannot get them down.

Do you currently have a favourite piece in your closet?
My fanny packs!

We are in love with your Instagram feed and your outfit posts. How would you describe your own style?
At the moment I create more nostalgic outfits inspired by the 70ties, 80ties and 90ties. I really love the vintage style and if I would have the chance I would definitely turn back the clock! But obvisiously this isn’t possible. Nevertheless the music and the fashion of that time give me a feeling of being emotionally part of that lightsome time.

Who is your personal style icon and why?
On Instagram and Tumblr I am following many vintage accounts and this is where I get inspired when I am bored by my closet.

We heard that you are a Maiami fan. What do you like about Maiami?
The Maiami styles are real basics and can be combined to any outfit as a key piece. That’s great!

Besides blogging, how do you enjoy to spend your day?
I am starting university in September to become a teacher! So I’ll spend a lot of time at my desk. But I also enjoy having fun with my family and friends at the weekends! One of my favourite things to do is listening to music while sitting on the rooftop with my friends and watching the sunset!

A couple of weeks ago you have been to London. What was your favourite place there?
Shoreditch! There’s a cute café called Franzè&Evans where you can get the world’s best French Toast! To die for!

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?
I take a warm bath and listen to my favourite song to get motivated for a new day!

Do you have a favourite inspiring quote?
Never be ashamed of who you are!

What’s up next in your future?
I’ll travel as much as possible and of course continue to create content for my blog and social media accounts and then I’ll probably have to slow down a little bit and focus on my studies.

Have a look at her great blog and get inspired by Mary L Jean!

Images: Mary L Jean