Interview with Jessie of Journelles

27 November 2017

Maiami Presents: Interview with Jessie Weiß of Journelles

Journelles has been founded by Jessica Weiß in Berlin in the fall of 2012 and has emerged to be one of the most-read lifestyle blogs in German language. Besides being a successful journalist, publisher and mom, Jessie launched her own fashion label JOUUR. We were very happy to be able to ask her a few questions about her path, fashion and Maiami.

This is what we found out!

Jessie, please describe yourself in three words.
Happy-hearted, ambitious, tongue-in-cheek

Your website Journelles has become a home for many subjects besides fashion like traveling, interior and motherhood. It feels like it is growing and evolving with it’s audience. Do you think this is part the success of your blogazine?
I’m happy to have the opportunity to grow with my readers and develop as a person. I always tried a lot of new things in the last ten years in the blogosphere: change is always refreshing. Journelles is constantly evolving just like myself and I think that’s why it never gets boring.

You have founded your own fashion brand JOUUR. What’s your favorite part in creating for the label?
The creative process while trying to think about contemporary, high quality basics that last much longer than just one season. Challenging but also very rewarding when you’re happy with the final product.

What’s your go-to outfit this fall?
High waist denim, cosy Maiami knit or JOUUR. cashmere jumpers together with black boots!

Do you currently have a favorite piece in your closet?
My Closed denim, it suits me perfectly.

Maiami is a slow fashion brand. How important is sustainability in relation to fashion for you?
It is so heartwarming to see how many companies are finally  paying attention to sustainability. It’s the only way the fashion world can evolve!

What’s the single best advice you have for getting organized as a working mom? And on traveling with babies?
Oh that’s a tough one. I think you need to have great time management and separate between work and taking care of your child. The traveling part is diligence work; I just wrote an article about it:

You live in Berlin with your family. Is there a favorite hide out here, or close to the city where you are able to recharge your batteries?
We’re living close to the Volkspark Friedrichshain and this really helps a lot to clear our heads. We’re traveling lots, that’s why I’m also just happy to stay home and walk through our Bötzowkiez.

Do you have a favorite inspiring quote?
Since ten years my mantra: Always stay hungry.

Go and have a look at Journelles!

Photo Credit: Journelles, Jessie Weiß