Interview with Floating Bohemian Ina Becker

25 September 2016

Maiami Presents: Interview with Ina Becker of Floating Bohemian

There is this beautiful blog run by Ina Becker, Blogger and Fashion Lover from Berlin. Always on the search for new styles and trends, Ina puts everything she loves like favorite outfits or beauty products together in her Blog “Floating Bohemian”, which she has since three years now. Amazed by her wonderful articles and inspiring pictures, which reminds us a little of beautiful diary listing, we asked Ina some questions about herself, fashion and the future.

So this is what we found out!

Please describe yourself in three words.

What do you like to do besides your Blog in your freetime?
I am interested in art and music, love to make music by myself, singing and love doing sports. I bought a skateboard recently and now I’m diligently practicing.

You named your blog ‘Floating Bohemian’. Why and what does that mean to you?
The name is inspired from the bohemic lifestyle and the freedom that comes along with it. The word ‘floating’ supports the thought of the free movement and the thinking. I always was fascinated by this way of life and the people that embody this lifestyle.

How has it all started for you to start writing your own blog?
I think here everything comes together. I always was very fashion-conscious and had fun in combining the fashion and to present it. Of course the blog gave me the perfect possibility and about three years ago everything started really quickly.

What do you like most about Berlin?
The metropolitan flair!

What do you think, how important is it to produce fashion sustainable?
I think it is very important to start thinking sustainable in every aspect of our lives.

Do you have a favorite Maiami piece and what do you like most about it?
I generally love the oversize look of most of the styles. As well the sweaters and the cardigans. To determine one favorite piece is hard for me.

How did you first got in touch with Maiami?
Whilst my constantly search for new styles and fresh looks I also bumped into Maiami and could immediately identify myself with the look of the label.

What are you looking forward to the most in your future?
I am happy that the future is unwritten and that I can build it by myself. To work on it every day and to learn is a wonderful process.

Do you have a favorite inspiring quote?
I don’t know if it is inspiring, but it is true: “If you want better, go get better”

Look at her great blog and let yourself be enchanted by wonderful Ina!