Fashion Revolution Week

04 May 2017

Maiami participating in the Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution is based in the United Kingdom and is a not for profit Community Interest Company. It all started in 2013 when the production plant Rana Plaza collapsed and many people died. Since then the 24th of April and the respective week of the year is referred to as the Fashion Revolution Week.

Fashion Revolution wants to make the whole value chain of textile production more transparent. Therefore Fashion Revolution is a global movement which makes it its business to raise awareness and show that change is possible. Moreover, it wants to bring organisations and people together to change all steps along the value chain to make it safer, cleaner and fairer.

Maiami shares these values and therefore we took part in the instagram campaign during Fashion Revolution Week, asking “Who made my clothes?”. As a handknitting company producing in Germany, Italy and Bulgaria and personally knowing most of the knitters, Maiami is keen on keeping up fair trade and appreciating the work of the producers. All the steps of Maiami’s value chain are transparent. Participating in the instagram campaign is important to us as we believe that this fashion revolution is necessary and crucial to value people, the environment, creativity and profit in a way that everyone gets his due.

Have a look at the Fashion Revolution page!


Photo credit: instagram/maiamiberlin