Design and Production Intern Ruby

27 January 2017

Design and production intern Ruby

Have you ever wondered what is going on behind the scenes of Maiami? In this post we are going to give you a little insight of our team and present one of our current design and production interns: Ruby.

Enjoy reading!

Ruby has been a part of our team since January 2017. She is from the UK and is living in Berlin whilst interning. After studying fashion at Kingston University for three years in London she is ambitious to travel and get to know different places in Europe.

Festivals, music, art, drawing and knitting are all interests that excite and influence her and her creativity. Previous to university, she studied textile design on an art foundation course and through experimenting she figured out how to put her skills into effect. Ruby then went onto study at Kingston University with a brighter focus on fashion and took part in industry based projects and started to specialize in knitwear. She then introduced handknitting into her final graduate collection and cannot imagine herself in a job out of the fashion industry.

Her look of the day consists of our Mohair Big Cardigan, which is her favorite piece of our FW16/17 collection, a turtleneck jumper, flared trousers and adidas trainers. She loves to wear all black and to add a single piece or a pop of colour as an eye catcher.

Having Ruby in our team, always gives us someone to chat with! Obviously in a lovely way, especially when it is about Beyoncé!

Go and have a look at her website / instagram: