Design and Production Intern Lina

03 May 2017

Design and production intern Lina

To give a sneak peek behind the scenes of Maiami we would like to present our interns. In this post it is going to be 23-year-old Lina, who is a new member of our team, starting in March 2017.

Find out more about her!

Lina is from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and is studying textile design in Reutlingen in her fourth semester. After graduating from school she was an au pair in Stockholm for a year and can speak fluently Swedish.

She loves to visit all kinds of exhibitions, adores flea markets and likes to browse through second hand shops.  Since her childhood, she has been playing for a handball club and enjoys sports activities in general. From an early age Lina started to learn different crafts and her enthusiasm for knitting and sewing became more and more evident whilst learning. Producing fabric through handcraft and skills and the creation of different fabrications fascinates her. Besides knitting she takes photos passionately.

Black is Lina’s favorite color to wear, her style of clothing is rather simple and sporty. With the combination of a colorful or shape-conspicious part, she likes to give her outfit a special touch. In this post she is wearing her favorite piece of the SS17 collection which is the Chunky Cotton Big Cardigan.

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